“The Project”

Primitives is a journey among the Tribes who live in the most hidden corners of the planet, from the forests of Papua to the delta of the Orinoco, from the plains of Africa to the villages of rural China.

Primitives is a journey into the unconscious of man, between images and symbols, between mythology and spirituality.

Images and symbols that have always had a mystical and magical power.

Myths and legends, although of different origins, establish universally recognized symbols of what belongs to the ancestral substratum of the human community.

These symbols constitute the structure of the single and collective unconscious, archetypes that act as vital essence and force fields.

The collective unconscious is made up of archetypes intended as universal, impersonal, innate and hereditary basic patterns.

The archetypal energy is expressed in every human experience, it evolves from an innate and unconscious matrix, it manifests itself as a symbol and then as a feeling and emotion.

A model of ancestral and current behavior, beyond the influences of time and the environment, bringing together all human beings and all ancient and modern cultures.

Primitives is the saving journey among the archetypes.

Primitives is the ritual of stripping from progress.

Primitives is the path that leads to liberation.

The primitive is the man at the center of everything, the man of the origins in symbiosis with the elements of nature: earth (horse), water (dolphin), air (eagle) and fire (dragon).

The primitive is the Totem as an expression of the wisdom of the individual that is born on the foundations of the wisdom of previous generations, absorbed and elaborated.

The primitive is the journey of life and the struggle for survival.

Man and woman, matter and animals, the wise and the warrior, strength and love, religion and dance, ritual and liberation of vital energy at one time.

It’s all an ancestral village that lives buried in each of us and screams its need to go out.

We all are primitives, but we have forgotten to be.

We all are primitives, and this is our salvation.

Giuseppe Maiorana